Youth Care @ PAYM: Halloween Fun

Before the event commenced, I expected a little more interaction between us and the participants of the event but after discussing with Wai Man and Sherry the expectations and our roles in the event, everything was laid clearly. The event started with us being introduced as a surprise for the participants and you could see and hear the delight in the screams of the children, parents and volunteers once we appeared onstage as special guests for the event.

After a quick discussion on who are the take the role of the judges for the costume making contest, we proceeded to walk around the event area, interacting with the children and volunteers by taking photos with them, observing the costume making process for the contest and giving the occasional tip on how to improve their costumes for the contest.

The most fun we had was during the judging of the costume making contest. Many kids, parents and volunteers proceeded onstage to show off their handmade costumes with even one giving an extremely detailed back story on the “monster” they had created!

It was certainly a fun-filled and fulfilling experience, from interacting with the participants and taking photos with them to judging the costume making contest. Our participation certainly brought an additional fun element to the event and I’d like to think that our encouragement to the parents and volunteers helped to motivate them in continuing their good work by letting them know that none of their good deeds have gone unnoticed.

— Sandra Lee, Pause For A Cause volunteer